Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jay Park Continues to Expand His Musical Horizons

Jay Park’s style in music has been changing to the hip hop genre and he’s beginning to gain a wider audience.

Recently Jay Park has been showing that he just doesn’t dabble in the Kpop music genre, but he’s also a very talented rapper. He appeared next to J.Reyez in a song that raised plenty of controversy due to a few lines rapped out by J.Reyez. The song Maybe One Day raised many questions regarding the stars popularity possibly falling. Though he remained true to his stand for the support of the song.
Then he released his own remix of 6’7′ which includes raps he’s composed over some time, molding them together to create something more. He worked hard to produce the song that has now garnered him much attention not only from his current fans known as the Jaywalkers, but those who are new to his music as he expands his musical horizons.
In the remix he expresses his feelings for music and how he’s grown with it. The response to the song itself has proven to be very positive. So much so that he’s even been featured on two hip hop sites. His music video for 6’7′ has been featured on All Hip Hop as well as Yo! Raps Magazine.
As the former leader of 2PM continues on his quest to expand the audience to Asian musicians, he continues to impress many with his talents. We’ll continue to look forward to Jay Parks future music endeavors.
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credit tvbanimeonline
Written by: nikkiepop

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