Monday, January 31, 2011

Son Dambi Works with FPM for New Single

Son Dambi will be working with Japan’s FPM for her brand new single.

The Kpop idol has worked on a new single called One Kiss. In order to give it the best sound she’s chosen to collaborate with world-renowned producer Fantastic Plastic Machine. Son Dambi isn’t the first big kpop star that FPM has worked with in producing hit singles.
FPM has worked with and produced tracks for Namie Amuro, Fatboy Slim, BoA, and even TVXQ. FPM is referred to as the master of Shibuya-kei or in other words a genre of Japanese pop music. The genre combines jazz, pop and electropop which actually started in Tokyo’s Shibuya district.
The single One Kiss was recorded in Japan. It will feature Dambi’s vocals alongside an upbeat and playful melody. The single itself was released on Monday on major online music stores.
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