Monday, January 31, 2011

INFINITE’s Japanese Single is the Most Downloaded Ringtone in Japan.


7 member group INFINITE‘s Japanese single To-Ra-Wa has ranked number one most downloaded ringtone in Japan.

INFINITE released their Japanese single To-Ra-Wa, a Japanese version of their Korean single Come Back Again, on February 26th. The same day it was released, they won first place in the Kpop section on the Japanese mobile site Recently, INFINITE signed with Japanese CD/DVD seller and rental chain ‘Tsutaya‘ and plan to begin Japanese promotions soon through television, newspaper, magazines, and radio stations, then expanding to all kinds of media.
INFINITE are still promoting their Korean single BTD (Before The Dawn) in Korea. You can watch the music video for BTD (Before The Dawn) here.
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Source: Naver
credit tvbanimeonline
Translation: glfishy @NO LIMIT INFINITE
Written by: Mercedes DeAnn

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