Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fourth Trial in MC Mong Case Takes Place

After the scandal about MC Mong purposely avoiding military duty, he now attends his fourth trial.
On February 8th MC Mong arrived at Seoul Central District court to attend the fourth trial in his case.
He was said to have been avoiding military duty by removing teeth that were supposedly bothering the Kpop idol. Along with him, the dentist who took part in this was at the trial as well.
The dentist did testify as to what happened when he first met with MC Mong in November 2006 on the 12th. He claimed that one tooth was causing him pain and wanted it to be taken out, so the dentist did do so. Later on the idol returned for a second visit advising there was another tooth that was causing him pain which also ended up being removed from his jaw.
At that time the dentist noticed there were already 10 teeth missing from MC Mong’s mouth. At the time the dentist had no idea that if more teeth were removed from the idol’s mouth, he would then not be able to complete his militarily service. Due to the condition of the teeth though, he had no choice but to remove it.
However, it has been brought up that MC Mong was actually exempt from military duty at that time. The dentist even showed proof of this, which is the reason he extracted the teeth in the first place. He didn’t see any problem with his decision since it was a valid one.
Trial will continue regarding MC Mong and more updates will be passed on as soon as they are known.
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