Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TVXQ Holds Two Oricon Chart Records in Sales

TVXQ duo Yunho and Changmin continue their success with their new album as it keeps rising to the top.
They released their 31st album on January 26th in Japan and since then it’s been very popular.
On the Oricon chart it has been ranked at number one multiple times. When the album first released it was at number one for sales on the daily charts. Then it was at number one for the weekly charts as the sale of the album continued to rise. Now it’s reached number one yet again, but for the monthly chart.
The success of this particular album turned out to follow in the steps of their 29th album, which had followed a similar success to this one. The album became the second largest sale of albums by a foreign artist in Japan. Of course, their 29th taking the lead, leaving them with two records currently set in Japan.
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