Wednesday, February 9, 2011

YouTube is Helping to Globalize the Korean Music Wave

The Kpop wave has become globalized with the help of the largest music community online, YouTube.
Ever since the first release of a Korean drama in Japan, the Korean entertainment industry has expanded. Slowly but surely they began to reach out to different countries, gaining fans from all over the world.
Now that Korean entertainment agencies have partnered up with YouTube, they’ve seen an explosion in just how many fans there truly are listening to Kpop.
The proof can be seen when comparing Hoot by SNSD music video, which snagged over one million views in just two days. While on the other hand, the largest American news channel, CNN took eight months just to grab a little over two million views. The comparisons between the two are staggering.
With all these views, there are also millions of covers to popular Kpop songs by fans. Each day new videos pop up of fans from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and even the United States of fans mimicking their favorite idols. Which causes an even greater expansion in the global market for Kpop.
With all this attention just from uploading a few videos to YouTube, the entertainment companies knew it was the best way to get videos and messages to fans worldwide. Not only do they manage to gain the top spots for most views in one day when a new video is released, but they’re able to provide a better way of marketing to the public.
Analysis of YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment currently partnering with YouTube have shown just how many fans viewed in 2010 and how far these artists can reach. 793,574,005 views in 229 nations reaching out all the way to places such as Malta, Cyprus and Aruba. Places so far from South Korea that it’s impressive how unlimited the potential truly is for Kpop to touch people from every country all over the world. Before long, Kpop may just be larger than American music.
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