Monday, February 7, 2011

4Minute has captured the attention of Billboard Japan and was recently awarded with KPop New Arist Award.

Ever since the girls debuted in Japan last year they have been soaring to the top. They caught the eyes of fans very quickly with their fun songs. They proved they could stand out amongst the many new Kpop groups and really shine.
When they gave a thank you speech for winning the award, they expressed their appreciation for their hard work they had put into their songs and performances. They also stated they’d work hard to continue in their quest to conquer the entire world with their music. They also gave a performance for First and Muzik.
They weren’t alone in the attendance of the award ceremony though. There were stars such as Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and AKB48 a Japanese group.
Now the girls prepare to release a new album as well as a new single. Why will be releasing next month in Japan.
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Credit : tvbanimeonline
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