Monday, February 7, 2011

Big Bang Will Surprise Fans with Their New Concept

Big Bang is hiding their new concept from the fans until their concert in late February.
On Inkigayo Seungri, G-Dragon, and TOP all had different hairstyles. The colors were different and TOP even wore a wig. This created a lot of curiosity amongst fans as to what this could mean. Soon it was exposed that the members are wanting to keep it low key as to what their new album concept will actually entitle.

They are going to remain out of the eye of the public until their comeback concert Big Show takes place. They are leaving plenty of fans craving their return, but for now we’ll just have to wait until the 25th to the 27th for their concert and then soon after the release of their new album. As they are taking a whole new approach to releasing the album by holding the concert to introduce their new music.
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Source: 권지용뼈라인
Credit : tvbanimeonline
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