Monday, February 7, 2011

Seungri Imitates the Other Big Bang Members

Seungri shares how the other members of Big Bang give him gifts on his birthday.
On Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate, Seungri performed V.V.I.P as well as What Do You Want. He shared how he was very pleased with his album and hopes it encourages people.
He wanted to create the album to deflect away from the events of last year that occurred amongst the other Big Bang members.
Going on further, he begin to talk about the other Big Bang members and more specifically how they gave him presents on his birthday. He even went as far as imitating how they go about the act, with body language and changing his voice.
“Since all of them have very strong personalities, they would have different ways of giving me a birthday present. For G-Dragon, if I am sleeping when he gives me the gift, he would just leave me the gift with a note. And for Taeyang, he would come and keep calling me in order to give me a surprise gift. If it is TOP, he would ask me what I want for my gift then he would buy and put my name on it. And for Daesung, his response would be short and simple, he would just say, ‘Seungri, birthday present’ then go away.”
We also have the video from that part in the show and you can watch it below.

Source: Asiae
Credit : tvbanimeonline
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