Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hyun Bin and Big Bang chosen as “Celebrity I’d like to ride home with”

Returning home on the road bored with this person, is OK!” Who’s the number 1 celebrity people wish to go with?
Insight Korea Panel conducted a survey with a total of 5070 participants who named the celebrity they wanted to spend Lunar New Years the most with, #1 was Hyunbin.
2835 adults over the age of 20 (28.2%) picked none other than popular recently aired drama “Secret Garden”‘s chadonam (cold city guy) Hyunbin as the celebrity they’d want, showing the after storm of popular drama Secret Garden.
At number 2 with 24.7% of the votes was Big Bang.
In particular Hyunbin showed a lot of popularity amongst married couples25.8% of respondents that were married chose Hyunbin, while 21% of the unmarried respondents picked Big Bang. Workers and housewives 23.1%, and 31.1% respectively, chose the celebrity that they want to return home with isHyunbin.
(Source: naver Translated: alee @ ibigbang)
credit dkpopnews

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