Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amber is set to continue official activities for f(x)'s upcoming album!

f(x)'s rapper, Amber is finally back and joins the other 4 members for their upcoming album.
A broadcast representative tweeted a fan about Amber's comeback via his Twitter saying, "Remember you asked about Amber last time? Well, she's back and is working hard for their album which is scheduled to release early this February. She'll be able to continue her official activities by next month!"
Amber had to halt from f(x)'s regular activities and been away in the US for awhile because of her serious ankle injury, which resulted to a possibility of her resigning from the group. Few days ago, she was spotted attending SHINee's first concert (SHINee World The 1st Concert) which then the rumors were finally withdrawn.
Victoria mentioned on Sukira that Amber's been working hard on their upcoming album as well.
A representative from SM already mentioned about Amber's condition, saying her condition improved and is set to start official activities with the group starting next month.

Source: NATE 
Translator: Jae
Credit: Aff(x)tion Forums, dkpopnews

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