Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Is Yoo Inna So Happy?

…and they lived happily ever after.” It’s the usual ending in a fairy tale when the prince and the princess overcome the obstacles, marry and live a happy life. But is that always the case? A lot of people are throwing the same question but the answer is, Yoo Inna is living happily.
Yoo Inna played the character Im Ahyoung in the recent drama that ended, Secret Garden, and after falling in love with that character, she is living a happy life. 10 days ago, when she met with a journalist, she said she was heart sick and she is still sick. But, her face doesn’t show the sign of sadness but if filled with laughter.
I’m telling myself that it can’t get any better than this. Luckily, by being in Secret Garden, I’m receiving lots of love.
High Kick Through the Roof and Secret Garden are the two dramas that she was in. But both works were the best work when it was aired. With only two works, Yoo Inna is a woman who is receiving lots of love and it can be seen in the results of these two works. Because of that, she was named Bagel Girl (A girl with a baby face and a glamorous body) and have been ranked number 1 recently as the girl who has no cellulite fat.
These are the moments when I actually feel my popularity. There are so many people who have nice body figures, but thanks for Secret Garden, I was picked. I’m happy knowing that I’m receiving lots of love.
Also, thanks to Secret Garden, she has tasted the sweet side of acting and is burning with passion towards acting.
During High Kick Through the Roof, I would learn as I went and shared my friendship with others but this time, thanks to all the seniors, I was able to learn what acting is. I still have a long way to go but I’ve been getting greedy of wanting a bigger role.
It must’ve been hard for her after Secret Garden ended but as she sleeps in a shrimp-like position, the reason is because she’s filming a movie called My Black Mini Dress.
It will be New Year soon. Because of the movie, I think I’ll be working except for one day. But I’m not disappointed at all. It’s because I’ve spent so many holidays with my family, it’s time for me to start working hard. Some asked me if I was sad about turning 30 years old this year but I’m very, very happy. I hope that there will be many people who will become happy by doing the job that they like., like me. Don’t be depressed. Love yourself and the job you’re doing and if you work hard, happiness will surely come your way. Make a slogan saying that you’ll make this year your year. I’m going to make this a Yoo Inna year.

Source: star.mt.co.kr
credit tvbanimeonline
Translation: eunjin @ kpoplive.com

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