Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4Minitue is Planning On Releasing Their First Full Length Album After New Years

The girl group, 4Minute, have greeted their fans with a New Year’s greeting and also their plans for the release of their first full length album.Through the entertainment, Ga Yoon said,

“Personally, for New Years, I want to visit my grandmother in the countryside and eat the food there and spend it with my members by doing traditional New Years events. I want to spend New Years happily with my members by eating the rice cake soup made by Ji Hyun and Hyun Ah. 4Minute is planning on coming back with a first full length album. I hope you will expect a lot!”
Ji Yoon said, “Spending time with my family is my first priority and then I want to meet with my friends and share stories and want to have a normal happiness.” She expressed the things that she couldn’t normally do after becoming a celebrity.
Hyun Ah also said,”I think it would be best if I could spend time with my family and spend a good time with the members by eating delicious foods and playing traditional games.” It has been confirmed that 4Minute will be on a couple of New Year programs. “Truthfully, this is the first time I’ve run a marathon and you don’t just run with all your might and it’s not an easy task.
So Hyun expressed that this year, she would like to see her parents and her family and said,
“I hope that you’ll watch the programs that 4Minute will be in! I hope you’ll think of 4Minute as 2011′s blessing and will wait just a bit longer. When the album that we worked hard on releases, we’ll make sure to fill you up with happiness and enjoyment. Get ready to be filled with happiness and wait just a bit longer.”
Ji Hyun expressed that she wanted to spend time with her family and said, “During last New Year, we were in Thailand because of our schedule, but during this year, I would like to see my family and cousins myself and share the New Year’s greeting together. Although it’s a small wish with my family, I want to spend the most happy time with my family.
During the year of the rabbit, 4Minute will be coming back with a new look so please expect a lot. We’re working hard on recording the songs and we want to hurry and let you hear them.” Ji Hyun ended with a bit of hint about their new album.

Source: nyc @ osen.co.kr
credit tvbanimeonline
Translation: eunjin @ kpoplive.com

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