Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yoon Sanghyun Releases Japanese Album “Precious Days”

Yoon Sanhyun has officially released his first full length album in Japan and is wowing fans with it.

He’s appeared in various dramas where he’s had to showcase his singing talents. Due to that, his voice has become very popular amongst fans. His voice seems to hold something over many Korean and Japanese fans.
He released a his Japanese single album last year titled The Last Rain which placed in 11th on the Oricon Chart. That had done pretty well for his start with just a single. Now he has a new album which was released, titled Precious Days. The album will include a photobook with very special pictures of the actor and singer.
On Saturday he will be holding a fan meeting in Osaka which will be followed for his appearance in Tokyo. From February 25th to the 27th he will hold small concerts to feature his songs from the new album.

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