Thursday, February 17, 2011

Possible Reasons for Kpop Receiving Harsh Criticism?

Lately there has been some backlash about the Korean Wave that’s begun to hit the world but what is the reason for it?

There’s been comics depicting SNSD and KARA in some rather harsh ways which has referred back to the possibility of slave contracts. There has even been rumors of the Korean government possibly funding the Kpop artists to make a break through in countries such as Japan. Of course none of this is based on actual facts but rather assumptions from different people.
Ever since the Korean Wave or also known as hallyu swept over Asia there has been an anti-Korean Wave that soon followed in the countries that it reached. Disrespectful images and stories of female and male Kpop idols seem to crop up from nearly no where just to create a stir and shake up the Korean entertainment industry.
The reasoning for why there is so much discontent over the Korean Wave is due to Korean industries apparently refusing foreign content. It provokes other countries to be opposed to Korea in general. It’s also been tied to the history that Korea has with another countries which still holds some grudges. As well as apparent unappreciated feelings from other cultures and countries that Korean culture and entertainment followed the trends of.
Though it also seems like the reason for so much backlash toward the Korean Wave may even be far more complicated than just polictics, culture, and unappreciated feelings. It seems like even though the root causes may be known there’s still a long way to go before the opposed groups to the Korean Wave accept Kpop idols in their countries.

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