Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Plot Thickens: DSP Entertainment Reveals Text Message from “J”

The Korean media has been buzzing over the identity of an outside party that tried to lure KARA away from the management of DSP Media. Although no one was able to properly identify the party, DSP Media decided to reveal text messages sent by “J” to the KARA members, encouraging them to “call anytime.”

“J” goes on to say that he has “cars” and “managers who work well”, and so if they need anything at all, they shouldn’t hesitate to let him know.
While this message was released with the intent of weakening the three KARA members’ lawsuit, it’s unclear whether this was a major factor in the members’ decision-making process to begin with. DSP Media has been claiming that rival offers from “J” pushed Jiyoung, Nicole, and Seungyeon to file for contract terminations, but the message does not mention any offer of a contract.
It does, however, call into question the idea that the three members were not influenced by “J” in their decision to sue DSP.
One thing is for certain – a bitter legal fight is in the works.

Thanks to Kyosh02 for the tip.

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