Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Familiar Army Veterans Do Kara’s Butt Dance And SNSD’s Genie

Army Veterans HEADER
SBS Seollal special for Star Couple Challenge is set to be aired. Guesting the show are three kpop idols from renowned groups who showed off their skills and amused viewers by performing KARA’s Mister and SNSD’s Genie. They are Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan, H.O.T.’s Moon Heejun, and 2AM’s Changmin.

Despite their busy schedules, they even had rehearsals to put off a better performance. The audience cheered out louder when they ripped off their army pants into shorts by the end of Genie performance.
They are not simply idols, but they were also ‘army veterans’. That’s why their performance was calledVeterans’ Generation. The most recent one who returned from military service (December 2010) is Kim Dongwan. In 2008, Moon Heejun was done in his military duties and by then released his single Obssession. Changmin completed his military service prior to debut as member of the kpop group 2AM.
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Source: Star News, tvbanimeonline
Translation by: 수미 @AbsolutShinhwa.wordpress.com
Written by: sillylollipopgirl @kpoplive.com

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