Tuesday, February 22, 2011

G-Dragon Drunkenly Embarrassed Himself in Front of Which Girl Group?

On the February 22nd broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon recalled an incident in which he became a nuisance to four of the nine ladies of SNSD.

He first roused curiosity when he said, “We went to celebrate on my birthday. I got a really strong drink as a present, and I ended up drinking it past my limit. The next day my friend asked me, ‘Why were you like that yesterday?‘”
Laughing at himself, he continued to reveal, “It turns out that I got really drunk, and I danced with some women nearby. The women ended up being SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Tiffany. I always make sure to be cautious at broadcast stations to protect my image as their senior, but that got ruined that day.
He also opened up about another incident that occurred when he met up with SNSD again in Japan. He said, “The way that SNSD was looking at me was strange. I was really embarrassed,” and quickly clarified, “I’m not that kind of person!
Fellow group mate Seungri decided to poke fun at G-Dragon’s story and quickly chimed in, “The G-Dragon that I know doesn’t lose his mind no matter how drunk he is. Who do you like among those girls?” to which G-Dragon answered that Yoona is his ideal type.

Source: Junwon@Newsen
Written and Translated by: brynn@kpoplive.com

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