Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“Come Rain, Come Shine” is Booed at the Berlin Film Festival

Come Rain, Come Shine starring Hyun Bin was up for a Golden Bear prize, but the critics at the Berlin Film Festival were not at all impressed with the movie.

The story is about a woman who tells her husbands she’s leaving him but instead spends one last day with him. The experience in turn leaves them regretting so many things while also longing for one another. While the movie itself features the changing of weather, the actors gazing dreamily out windows and little to no music with a rather mellow plot.
Even though the casting was very well done, the actual movie just didn’t hold up. In fact it was even booed by the critics. The director stated that he knew not everyone would like it, but the exposure was still a nice experience to have. So he doesn’t even expect for a Korean audience to like it because it’s not a movie you would consider mainstream.
However, Hyun Bin actually defended the director and the film. He just couldn’t agree with the critics not liking the film.

“We need slow-moving films that go deep into the emotions of their characters. If you only have an audience for action films then we won’t have a lot of development in the industry. I’d like to make a contribution to seeing a broader range of films made in Korea.”
There’s a chance that not many people will enjoy the movie, even if Hyun Bin is starring in it. Although there may be something to gain from it if it’s really taken in for the underlying story that it presents.

Source: The Korea Herald
Written by: nikkiepop@Kpoplive.com

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