Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After School’s Jooyeon is Now a College Graduate!

It’s hard to believe, but After School‘s Jooyeon has graduated from Dongduk Women’s College!
On February 22nd, she uploaded pictures of herself dressed in her graduation gown with the caption: “I graduated from college today!!^^ The weather today is so nice!“.

Jooyeon is holding a large bouquet of flowers in her arms, and, even though she’s just another student on a day like this, it’s hard not to notice her celebrity aura. Netizens happily responded, “Congratulations on your graduation,” “Lee Jooyeon, are you happy?”, and “Didn’t the other members come to congratulate you?”.

Source: Kwon Subin@Newsen
Translation: brynn @kpoplive.com

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