Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moon Geunyoung Models For Basic House

Top actress, Moon Geunyoung, has traded in her cute image for a more mature and womanly look in a new photoshoot for Basic House.

Moon Geunyoung was chosen to model for the brand earlier this year, with Wonbin, due to her star power. Basic House hopes to use Moon Geunyoung to aim for the Chinese market, and they utilized her cute womanly charm to its fullest in a newly released set of photos.
Have these gorgeous pictures gotten your attention yet?

Moon Geunyoung HEADER
Moon Geunyoung 20110222 1
Moon Geunyoung 20110222 2
Moon Geunyoung 20110222 3

Source: newsen@newsen.com
Written and Translated by: brynn@kpoplive.com

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