Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girls’ Generation Startled By Questions About KARA At Press Conference

The ladies of Girls’ Generation were caught by surprise at a recent press conference when reporters began asking them questions about matters regarding KARA.

The Japanese news source Sankei Sports reported on the 22nd, “At their first press conference for their recent endorsement campaign, SNSD wore puzzled expressions when they received questions about KARA.
Girls’ Generation recently handled the challenge of filming their first CM for e-ma throat candy, and they were present for the February 21st promotional press conference.
According to news reports, just before the end of the press conference, Girls’ Generation received many questions regarding KARA’s current situation. Among the questions that the reporters threw at the girls were, “What do you think of KARA’s lawsuit?” “SNSD won’t split up, will you?” “Are your relations with your company well?
The ladies were unable to hide their surprise at the sudden questions, and  they reportedly left the conference without answering any of the questions.

Source: Kwon Subin@newsen.com
Written and Translated by: brynn@kpoplive.com

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