Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dal★Shabet’s Subin Reveals Her Pre-Debut Photos

Dal★Shabet‘s Subin revealed some old pictures of herself today on her Me2Day.
With the caption, “This is an old picture of me as a fresh rookie model! This was when I was in middle school, when I would go back and forth between Gwangju and Seoul and studying and modeling,” she proudly uploaded her rookie shots for her fans to see.

This picture was taken when Subin was in her second year of middle school, and there’s almost no difference between her image then and her image now. The fan-proclaimed “Giant Baby” stood, and continues to stand, out at a whopping 174 cm and has received a lot of attention for her cute, chubby cheeks.

Source: leeuh @ Newsen.com
Written and Translated by: brynn@kpoplive.com

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