Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mir to Cancel Japan Visit With Members Due to Injury

Get well soon Mir!
Prior to MBLAQ‘s official debut into Japan on May 4th, the boys plan to visit Japan on February 21st for a recording session. Sadly however, Mir will not be able to participate due to lower back pain from his recent injury. He has received back surgery and is now resting. With that, he has left a message for his fans apologizing for not being able to join the rest of the members on the trip.

“Japan People, Hello, This is Mir.
It’s been decided that the Japan debut in May, I’m so excited with it, being able to meet with everyone, so nervous.
Now, I’m having a waist pain, unable to move in a long time etc., this time I couldn’t participate on a recording in Japan. Really sorry.
Even though I want to see you soon, but now I have to be patient and rest, next time I want to meet everyone with a perfect condition.
Please wait.
Please Support MBLAQ from now on too
Get lots of rest Mir! We’ll be praying for your speedy recovery so that you can join the rest of the members soon.

Source:MBLAQJP                                                                                 ​                                       ​         Translated byclaydoll★ @AbsoluteMBLAQ
Written by: minah @kpoplive.com

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