Monday, February 21, 2011

Son Dambi Stops by to Support Kahi

After completing a series of successful debut stages with her song Come Back You Bad Person, After School‘s Kahi found a pleasant surprise waiting for her behind the scenes of SBS Inkigayo.
Son Dambi dropped by backstage to cheer on her friend as she prepped for her Inkigayo performance. The two snapped a picture together that Son Dambi uploaded to her Twitter in the afternoon, saying, “I came to cheer on Kahi unnie ^^ Success, success. She’s so cool.
It’s almost like deja vu since Kahi also stopped by to support Son Dambi for her performance on Inkigayo last July (see picture on the right).
Netizens encouraged their friendship by saying, “The HeeDam couple look good together!” “I love seeing your friendship,” and “Your duet album would be a total success!”

Source: Newsen
credit kpoplive

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