Monday, February 21, 2011

Park Minyoung to Play Lee Minho’s Lady Love in “City Hunter”

Good news to all Park Minyoung and Lee Minho fans! It’s only February, but it appears like we will be able to watch a number of great dramas during the first half of the year alone.

Last year, it was reported that Minho was chosen as the drama’s lead. For quite some time after that, no confirmation has been made as to who will play as his female counterpart, only rumors mentioning names of different actresses. However, it was finally confirmed today that actress Park Minyoung will play as Lee Minho’s love interest for the upcoming SBS drama City Hunter, which is tentatively scheduled for broadcast on the 25th of May in the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot.
The production team behind the drama happily announced the good news of Park Minyoung’s casting by stating, “It took us a long time to decide on who the female lead should be. We’ve decided on Park Min Young to play the female lead, Kim Nana, because we saw her bright and healthy image through her various dramas as well as acknowledged her acting skills.”
Minyoung will play the role of Kim Nana, an orphan who strives to make a living by undertaking various part time jobs just to make both ends meet.  It is also said that her character is a former judo athlete, which eventually paves the way for her to end up as a bodyguard for the Blue House, the Korean version of the United States of America’s White House. That’s how she will meet Lee Minho in the drama, who will play as Lee Yunsung, a doctorate degree holder who is also part of the National Network Map Team.
It can be remembered that both of them appeared in the 2006 drama I Am Sam together, so viewers and drama fans alike will surely be anticipating on the chemistry that they will show as a couple for this drama. 

Source: Leeminhoworld, Stoo
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