Monday, February 21, 2011

“My Princess” to Hit the Musical Stage

Although the heartwarming and high-rated MBC drama My Princess will be airing its final episode this week, it won’t be the last of the Seol-Haeyoung couple. The drama will be hitting the musical stage next year!

Under the direction of Lee Jina, with composition by Kim Hyungsuk, interest for My Princess the Musical is soaring high. It’s no wonder considering that director Lee Jina was responsible for such popular works as Hedwig, Greece, Dae Jang Geum, and Phantom of the Opera, and composer Kim Hyungsuk has worked with musical giants such as Shin Seunghoon and Sung Shikyung.
All eyes are also settled on the casting of this musical, where the leading actors will have to match up to the chemistry of the ultimate visual couple of Song Seunghun and Kim Taehee.
The musical’s production company commented, “I believe that the subject of the imperial reconstruction blends well with the music, and we’ll be able to create a new kind of musical. The musical will most likely get a lot of attention thanks to the popularity of the drama.
This musical will be hitting the stage March 2012.

Source: Newsen
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