Monday, February 21, 2011

Shim Shim Tapa’s PD Wants Gyuri Back

Could KARA‘s Park Gyuri be making a DJ comeback anytime soon?

According to PD Choi Wooyoung of MBC Shindong and Gyuri’s Shim Shim Tapa: possibly. In a telephone interview with Newsen, he commented, ”We haven’t gotten any confirmation on Gyuri’s return from her company representatives. We hope to get a decision starting on the 28th.
Regarding her future at the radio station, Choi Wooyoung continued, “I’d like for Gyuri to return. We’re currently working out her Japan schedule with her radio schedule. We’re hoping to work out the best schedule possible, but if we can’t, her resignation might be inevitable.
Gyuri was originally put on hiatus due to the legal conflicts between KARA and DSP Media, and she is still on hiatus due to her work in Japan. Let’s hope for her return as soon as possible!

Source: Newsen
Translation: brynn

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