Monday, February 21, 2011

Mnet to Distribute SM Songs Again

After almost three years of tension, Mnet Media will once again distribute SM Entertainment songs starting today, February 21st.

An SM Entertainment representative commented, “Mnet Media, who runs the music portal, has apologized to SM for distributing our music without prior consent and has worked to restore our trust in them by promising to prevent previous occurrences from happening again. We’ve set aside our differences.
Mnet and SM have shown earlier signs of improvement when SM allowed Mnet to distribute TVXQ‘s new track Keep Your Head Down.
The rep continued, “In order to provide our consumers a convenient and joyful experience, we’ve resumed our relations with Mnet to provide them with a revitalized online shopping experience. We’re planning to work with Mnet on other services in the future.

Source: Newsen, Star News
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