Monday, February 21, 2011

Is SNSD or KARA at the Top?

SNSD and KARA are two of the top girl groups in the kpop industry. We all know they are both very popular, but have you ever thought which group is at the top?

There are many other girl groups who are also very known in the music charts, but SNSD and KARA are two groups that lead to controversy with one another. These two groups have been topping the charts all over Asia from South Korea to Japan.
Many fans have thought if a quantity of a group affects its popularity. SNSD has 9 members KARA has 5 members who are all fair-skinned, flawless, and talented. Can this possibly be the reason why SNSD has more fans? Let’s compare! Super Junior currently has 10 members and 2PM currently has 6 members. Which group would you assume has a higher popularity?
 These two girl groups have also debuted in Japan. SNSD’s Hootand KARA’s Girl Talk both topped the Japan Oricon Charts, in second and first. Both of their popularity’s rose after they equally won 3 awards in Japan. However, many Japanese fans said are fond of both girl groups, not just one.
SNSD and KARA won plenty of awards in their career. Not including music show awards, SNSD earned 56 awards while KARA earned 9 awards, some of the most prestigious awards in South Korea and Japan. This shows how much these two girl groups have accomplished.

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