Monday, February 21, 2011

J-Cera Reveals Her Jealousy of IU

Ahead of the February 24th release of her new single Endless Love, singer J-Cera, who been nicknamed the “’7-Note Diva,” revealed her complex over her physical appearance and her jealousy of bubbly singer IU.

J-Cera, who has been making her rounds through various broadcasts, admitted, “The reason why I haven’t been appearing in broadcasts until now is that I thought I was too ugly and too fat to show myself to the public.”
In addition to her concerns, J-Cera was forced to postpone her album release and broadcast plans due to a failed diet at about the same time that IU released her hit song Nagging with 2AM‘s Seulong. As IU gained enormous popularity with Nagging and eventually Good Day, J-Cera could do nothing but eat away her concerns, gaining 10 kg.
J-Cera further confessed, “IU is really an outstanding singer. With her singing, looks, and overflowing talent, she possesses the ability to be a powerful entertainer. I used to think that singing was all that I needed to fulfill my dream of becoming a singer, but the reality isn’t like that.
In response her company stated, “There are many talented and beautiful singers, but J-Cera will do everything she can to become a leading diva in k-pop.”

Source: Newsen

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