Wednesday, January 12, 2011

“Secret Garden” Gives Walk-on Parts for Japanese Fans

400 Japanese tourists will have walk-on roles this Saturday on Secret Garden.
Producers of Secret Garden took a different approach with the show’s tourism package. Rather than just visiting different locations that will be featured in the drama, they are being given the chance to appear as extras in various scenes.
There will be a concert scene they will be able to play extras in. Right after the actual filming of this scene, there will be a real concert taking place. The real concert itself will feature a couple of Secret Garden’s cast members. Hyunbin and Yoon Sanghyun will be performing with Baek Jiyoung.
This is a three day event for the lucky Japanese tourists. Just one of the many sets they’ll be visiting will be the luxurious home that has been set for Hyunbin’s character in the series.
Just two more episodes of Secret Garden before the finale takes place this weekend.
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