Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Junsu Tears Up While Talking About TVXQ

JYJ‘s Junsu recently appeared on YTN‘s News broadcast on the 12th. While promoting for his upcoming musical Tears of Heaven, a question was brought up about TVXQ which brought about a strong reaction from the idol.

“Everyone has beautiful memories and difficult times,” Junsu replied to one of the newscaster’s questions. “I have also had such moments in my life. After debut, the most difficult times happened last year and the year before.”
While answering, Junsu’s voice could be heard breaking as his answer became more honest and emotional. The idol took a slight pause to compose himself before he continued speaking. Watch the clip below:

“After this happened, I lost many things. In particular, I lost a lot of people around me. However, I’ve also gained people who continue to stay by my side even after this happened.”

Meanwhile, fans have left supportive comments such as “Please don’t cry, we’re here for you,” and “Your words touch my heart, we will always support the five of you.”

Source: Etoday + BaiduTVXQ,
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