Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rainbow’s Sloppy Girl Act – Habit or Good Acting Skill?

During MBC Gagshow The First Time In My Life broadcast on January 12th, Rainbow members each acted as sloppy girls set up on blind dates.
On the day of the filming, 2AM guest-starred as Rainbow’s ideal blind dates. During the date, Rainbow displayed many signs of sloppiness, such as feeding their date peeled shrimp with hands they had just touched their feet with and using napkins they had used to wipe their noses to wipe their dates mouths.
The most outrageous act was asking for a scratch on the back because one member couldn’t shower for two weeks because her apartment had no water. The funniest of the group is no other than Woori, who touched her feet, scratched her body, used used-up napkins, licking the bowl clean, and even irritated her blind date Jokwon to the max. Although these actions surprised everyone in the filming site, Rainbow still displayed their cuteness.
The group’s brave sloppy acting caused laughter in the filming studio the whole time. The group also received praise in the end for their outstanding acting for the difficult performance.
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