Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NRG’s Noh Yoomin Is a Daddy Now!

Even though he has revealed through an interview in last year November that he has no plans for marriage, Noh Yoomin has been a father ever since! On SBS Strong Heart, Noh Yoomin finally revealed his wedding plans through the broadcast on January 11th.The wedding ceremony will be held later this year on February 20th due to the baby’s birth delaying the original plans.

A representative said,
“During the news reports [last year], [Noh Yoomin and his girlfriend] were already getting ready for the wedding. His girlfriend who was pregnant at the time had showed symptoms of an early birth, so the two switched focus to the birth and planned it as secretively as possible. After confirming the mother and the child was safe and healthy, the two resumed back to the wedding planning.”
It seems as if the two had really wanted to surprise the public with their wedding news. Noh Yoomin and his fiancée, now, had denied the wedding plans and so called rumors of her pregnancy when they were revealed to the public. After the news, the two even went as far as to cancel all their plans on the wedding to conceal the truth.
Noh Yoomin’s fiancée is older than him by six years, and is a backup singer. The two had met 10 years ago when she was backup singing for one of NRG‘s performances. Age was nothing but a number and the two began dating after Noh Yoomin returned from serving his military service.
Source from China Joins,
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