Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DSP Media & SM Entertainment respond to Japanese comic strip

Earlier, a Japanese comic strip made headlines on the news for its attacks on girl groups like KARA and SNSD, in an effort to damage the Hallyu wave. On January 13th, DSP Media and SM Entertainment released official statements regarding the issue.

Representatives of DSP Media stated, “The comic illustrates distorted and unconfirmed information as if it were the truth. First and foremost, the information is incorrect, and to depict Korean girl groups in such a negative and sexual manner is blatant defamation. We will be taking aggressive legal action on the matter.”
They continued, “The comic went on to state that the information depicted was based off of real life investigations, but that is a statement that not only tarnishes the Korean entertainment industry, but also damaging to the Korean celebrities who are leading the Hallyu Wave with all of their blood and sweat. This controversy needs a clear statement of the truth, and it’s a pity that the Hallyu Wave was belittled to such an extent.”
SM Entertainment officials stated, “We are currently discussing this issue with our lawyers in Japan, and further action will be taken soon.”

Source + Photos: Korea Economy via Daum, Sports Seoul via Daum, allkpop

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