Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SS501 Park Jungmin Releases His ‘Not Alone’ MV

After two teasers and the album being delayed; SS501‘s Park Jungmin is back with the release of the full MV for Not Alone
Since joining up with CNR Media, Park Jungmin has become the first SS501 member to release a solo album and MV since the end of their contract back in 2010. As seen in previous teasers, the MV shows a dark atmosphere with a classical background ;as well as displaying Park Jungmin himself surrounded by orchestra members and  showing various outcasts.
Check it out here!

So What do you guys think of Jungmin being ‘Not Alone‘

Jungmin will be starting his promotions this week so be sure to stay tuned to Kpoplive for more Kpop and Kpop Music News !

Video Credit:kyumin501@Youtube
Written By:Jejjmin@Kpoplive

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