Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IU “Besides not getting any sleep, ‘Heroes’ is fun"

IU revealed her thoughts as a cast member of SBS ‘Good Sunday-Heroes.’
In a phone interview with SBS on the 15th, IU answered all questions about her involvement with ‘Heroes’ with a cheerful voice.

When asked “For ‘Heroes,’ you have to film on location for two days. Isn’t this difficult?”, IU answered “Of course shooting on location is hard. But other than not getting any sleep, it’s so much fun. It’s hard because we only get about 2-3 hours of sleep, but now that we all get along so well, it’s a wonderful atmosphere.”

When asked which member she was closest to, IU stated “we’re all so close and we all look out for one another. I get along well with Yoo Inna because we have a lot in common. Shin Bongsun and Jiyeon look after me as well.” She further added “all the members monitor each others’ performances and give advice. Bongsun-unni always encourages me by saying ‘All you need to do is try your best’.”

IU was cast on ‘Heroes’ long before she came the ‘hot trend’ she is today. IU expressed “I’ve been having so much more fun getting close to all the ‘Heroes’ unnies,” and “Thanks to ‘Heroes,’ I now know that TV appearances can be fun. I’m also grateful that the program has given me such confidence.”

Lastly, IU ended with “I’m thankful for the fans who tune in to watch us every Sunday. The show is a story about female celebrities who have no pretense about them. We’ll continue to show our energetic selves, so please continue to support our ‘Heroes’.”

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