Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IU is the ‘Three-Octave Girl’

A recent interview with singer IU revealed that she is the ‘three octave girl’.

IU visited the SBS studio in Deungchondong for a quick interview. She explained that her name meant that ‘through her music, she and the fans could become one’. She also shares her hectic schedule since the release of her album.
“After the release of this album, I have done close to twenty interviews. I’m so busy, I don’t even have time to complain. I might have gone for four days without sleeping already.” She also said, “But the little moments of happiness have also helped me to press on.”
IU has recently released her new mini-album Real. She said, “Because I didn’t use autotune, and only used my real voice,  that’s why they named the album Real.” In the album, the song Good Day has been very well liked as well. In the second half of the song, IU sings a ‘mi-fa-fa’ high note, thus receiving the name of ’3-octave girl’. This isn’t a very hard thing to do for a girl singer, but it is very rarely seen within idol singers. IU has become known as ‘an idol that can sing’. But this girl who is in her third year of high school has different thoughts.
“I think Lee Moonse’s singing is the best. His voice has this quality that just pulls people in. The first time you hear this, if it can make you let out a sigh, that means it’s truly a good song.”
IU also covered Lee Moonse’s Old Love and become a hot topic. She sang this when she took part in his radio show. This song was first released in 1991 in Lee Moonse’s seventh album, while after IU (born in 1993) sang it, it became a huge hit.
“After the show ended, Teacher Lee Moonse said that I sing these older songs very well. Old Love should be sang as a quiet melody. But when have I had old love before? Even though I practice a lot I still can’t find that feeling.” She said that from the second year she was in elementary school she had started to sing songs from singers which her father liked, such as Yoon Dohyun and Kang San-ae.
Besides the time when she had to learn 50 songs from Czerny on the piano, she has had no other musical training. But because she wanted to sing, she started to audition everywhere in her second year of middle school. After failing for around 20 times, a company that saw potential in her finally appeared. After 10 months of training, she debuted in 2009.
IU said, “When I went to audition, I thought, ‘it should take me at least 3-4 years to train and then debut as a girl group member’.” She also said, “I think I debuted too quickly. But I didn’t get famous fast, it’ll take me three years.”
She said that currently she was filming for the drama Dream High. It was an interesting experience for her, and variety shows were very fun as well; three minutes of being on stage on the television was also very meaningful. IU said, “Being the only one on stage, wearing pretty clothes by myself, it feels very nice, like flying. But I hope to have the beauty of the older sisters in girl groups in the future.”
IU shared her future plans, saying, “There are a lot of things that I want to do, and I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. No matter what, I will do everything seriously.”
IU’s manager expressed that due to health reasons, IU has temporarily cut off all activities except for filming for her drama and variety show appearances. The girl sure has worked hard, not only recently but in the past few years.
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Source:, BESTofASIAN@youtube,

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