Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Representative reveals there is no discord between the KARA members

With three of the KARA members currently filing a lawsuit against DSP Media, close representatives of the girls have alerted fans that there is no personal dispute between them, and that the girls are handling it in a mature manner.

A representative revealed on January 20th:
When groups go through such a controversy, it’s only to be expected that they fight amongst themselves.  With KARA, there’s nothing like that. Although there was a strange current surrounding the group since last year, there hasn’t been any discord between the members.”
Their characters and personalities are all so different, and there was a member who didn’t have a close relationship with the rest, but they overcame all of that with extreme trust through years of working together. They’ve built up a strong sense of co-dependence on one another by working in Japan, which further strengthened their friendships.
Each of the five members have different thoughts, but they’ve never fought or argued because of them. The five did not talk about unnecessary things in the presence of others, as they respect and are considerate of each other.”
Another representative of DSP Media also added, “Because of the differences in opinions, there most likely was something they were all uncomfortable with, but there definitely isn’t any discord.  When they were working, they came together stronger than anyone else.”

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