Monday, February 14, 2011

Two MBLAQ Members Removed from Promotions to Recover

Two members have been removed from any further plans of possible promotions for MBLAQ.
Recently Mir has been sitting on the sidelines of promoting the new song due to an injury. He suffered a slipped disk in his lower back causing him to have to undergo surgery. N
ow he’s recovering while the other members continue on with the promotions. However, he’s no longer the only member out of action right now.
On the 13th of February MBLAQ member Lee Joon was diagnosed with cochlea disorder. It happened right before the taping of Inkigayo. Though they still took on their performances for Inkigayo, the two members will be out of promotions until they’ve recovered completely.
Only three members remain, but it’s unsure as of yet if they’ll be alone in promotions or have to cut it short. For now their activities on shows may possibly be canceled to avoid further risk to the three remaining members, but there is a chance they may still continue.

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