Monday, February 14, 2011

Shindong’s Shocking Confession Regarding Donghae?

Super Junior‘s Shindong is awkward with fellow member Donghae?!

On MBC‘s Super Junior’s Foresight, Shindong confessed that he indeed has an awkward relationship with Donghae despite being fellow members for 6 years. He proceeded to explain that although he had never held many arguments with the rest of the members, Donghae is the only member that he can’t help but feel awkward with. To add to the shock, he stated that the two had never once dined out together, let alone spending time alone together. At the end of his confession, Shindong sent a short video message to Donghae stating, “We must dine together someday.”
Also on the show, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk confessed that Kim Heechul is the hardest to talk to when he’s alone. He stated hilariously that although the two went out to dinner once, it was so awkward that they didn’t talk at all the entire time. He then proceeded to re-enact the scene causing much laughter on set.

Sourcebntnews  Written by: minah

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