Monday, February 14, 2011

Park Jinyoung Faces Plagiarism Allegations

Park Jinyoung is being accused of plagiarism for a song that he wrote and was sung by IU.
On February 10th Kim Sinil came forward stating that the song, Someday sung by IU was identical to song he wrote back in 2005. The song he’s referring to is called To My Man and was performed by a soloist called Ash.
Due to his allegations, his lawyer quickly filed suit against JYP Entertainment‘s president.
Park Jinyoung has denied that the song is in any way plagiarized. He states that the song actually has one similar key in it, which generally all songs share since it is a very popular to use. However, Kim Sinil disagrees with this. He states that not one chord is just similar, but the whole melody of the song is nearly the exact replica of his song.
Kim Sinil also received the opinions of other professionals within the music industry regarding the matter. They agreed with him, stating that the songs are similar or nearly identical. Though Park Jinyoung is not wavering on his own statements no matter what has been thrown at him.
In fact, he’s accused Kim Sinil of his music being very similar to other artists from different countries. Which has brought up another issue as to whether Sinil’s music is plagiarized or not.
Park Jinyoung has been in similar situations as to this one with being accused of plagiarizing music. However, no one has yet to take legal action against him until now.

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