Monday, February 14, 2011

Teen Top Receives Praise from French T.V. Show

Teen Top may still be a new group within the Kpop entertainment industry, but they are definitely catching the eyes of those from different countries.

A famous french television program called Le Grand Journal has a spot on their show where they critique musical artists from other countries. On the 8th of February they critiqued three different groups from different countries, one of them being Teen Top with their song Supa Luv.
The judges who critiqued artists are very tough to impress. The first two songs they listened two they were rather harsh in criticism toward the groups. They didn’t believe they could make it debuting in France or becoming a new sensation there. That’s until they came upon Teen Top.
Instead of being critical, they actually praised them. They were impressed with the Kpop boy groups talents. In fact, they even danced to Supa Luv as it played. They shared praises of, “their talents are outstanding”, “their hairstyles are cool”, and “if this group came to France, they’d do okay”.
Due to this Teen Top has received more recognition from the public. Especially since very large stars have been featured live on this particular French show. These boys are definitely standing out amongst the sea of newcomers.

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