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Hyun Bin Hopes He Returns from the Military Strong and Mature

Hyun Bin is not afraid to enter the marines, but in fact very enthusiastic about the experience and maturity he will gain.

Ever since the actor announced he would be entering the military it’s been a rather hot topic. Leading up to it he’s been promoting Secret Garden, Late Autumn, and Come Rain, Come Shine. His final pieces of work before he finally takes his leave from the spotlight to start his duties in the military.
During an interview, Hyun Bin shared his feelings about joining the military as well as his recent boom in popularity.

“I am happy about the popularity of Secret Garden. When I appeared in the drama ‘My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (2005),’ I had created a sensation called the ‘Hyun Bin syndrome,’ and I just felt very good. But I think that I could not enjoy the popularity enough at that time because I did not know how to accept my own popularity. Thanks to that previous experience, I am fully enjoying this moment now. These days, only good things happen to me and I feel very good every day. Sometimes, I become completely exhausted and feel tired, but I am still happy. I am working with a pleasant mind.”
He also shared he doesn’t have any regrets in what he’s chosen for himself at this point. The only thing that will make him sad is that he can’t act for a while. Especially when acting has really become a pleasure for him at this point in his life. Though he must leave it for two years, he will accept the challenges that are give to him.
He especially is ready for this opportunity so that he can focus on himself as a person. Though he does love acting, he’s only been able to focus on characters he’s played. Now he’s receiving the chance to actually find out who he is inside and out. Joining the military is going to give him that chance to reflect on how far he’s come in his life and where he wants to continue to go. He wants to revert back to his world of being Kim Taepyung, which is his real name, rather than just Hyun Bin whom we all see in movies and dramas.
He chose to enter the marines with all it’s hard training because of what his childhood dream had always been. He had wanted to join the police force and be apart of the special unit fighting terrorism. With his change in career paths, he decided that if he couldn’t do that he at least wanted to become as close to that area as possible when taking on his army duty which is why he chose the marines.
He hopes that when he finishes his two years of services he’s a much stronger and mature person. It’s what he’s found to become important to him at this point in his life. So he awaits March 7th with no anxiety about what awaits him.
He reflected on the roles he took on before his leave from acting. He expressed that each role he chose after reading the scripts carefully and knowing they were ones he appreciated. Even if he didn’t get paid he would still take part in a movie or drama so long as the script touched him. He’s excited about the chance to take part in the Berlin Film Festival and will take that memory with him for a long time.
Though he’s been held up to such a high standard with acting, he hopes that once he returns he will exceed that standard by a great margin. With his final moments in the acting world coming to a close as to begin his two year personal journey he will take on, he’s taking in each moment carefully. He only hopes he will do well in the end.

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