Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SNSD Fans Donate Blood to Leukemia Patient Group Under Sooyoung’s Name

It always brings tears to my eyes when fans do meaningful deeds like this for others…
On February 15th, SNSD‘s fan cafe revealed, “We collected 107 blood donation certificates from various cafe members, and donated them to the Korea Leukemia Patient Group under SNSD member Sooyoung‘s name.

Kim, a member who participated in the blood drive, stated, “I’m glad to have been able to do a meaningful deed last year, as well as this year. I hope the donations are of some help.
The SNSD fan cafe which planned the mission is known as ‘Hwa Soo Eun Hwa’ and the participants are members from the fan cafe  ’Cistus‘. It is also known that SNSD fans have participated in the blood drive in previous years and have been active in different types of volunteer work.
It is always touching to hear stories of fans helping to make our world a better place. So one of these days, when you’re out on a stroll listening to your favorite kpop artist, think of today, and go ahead and pick up that piece of trash on the ground. Just sayin’.

Source: Asiae
Written by: minah

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