Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beast’s Yoseob still looks like his trainee self from 5 years ago!

A video of Beast’s Yoseob during his trainee days was revealed.
In conjunction with MBC’s 50th anniversary special “Time” which is scheduled for broadcast in May, the official blog of ‘Rewatch MBC Program’ posted a video of Yoseob from 5 years ago on their message boards.
The videos released by MBC Login Fresh News show the stories of trainees who dream of becoming a star. Yang Yoseob’s appearance from his trainee days during the autumn of 2006 can be seen.

As a trainee, after school, Yoseob would concentrate on practicing his singing till late at night. His face which even now looks young for his age has not changed much since those days, thus garnering him a lot of attention. Through a interview, Yoseob said, ” My aim is not just to become a singer but to become a world famous singer. I don’t have the idea of only becoming a singer if I do not do well in my studies.”, thus showing off bold ambition and a passion to achieve his dream.

Netizens who saw the video said, ” His face looks exactly the same as now. ” , ” He is really cute.”

TRANS: yangting@mybeastyboys
CREDIT : yangting@mybeastyboys, dkpopnews

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