Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nicole, Seungyeon and Jiyoung Pushes to Terminate their Contracts with DSP

Just when the public thought that everything was going smoothly for KARA upon their decision to resume their Japanese activities, the contract termination issue has resurfaced again.

Last January, we reported about the rift of some KARA members against their management agency. And yet, despite negotiations between the two camps, it seems like a settlement was not reached after all. Members Nicole, Han Seungyeon and Kang Jiyoung have requested the Seoul Central District Court to confirm on Monday that they are indeed filling a lawsuit against their agency.
It has been said that management conflicts, inadequate support, uneven income liquidation and distribution, as well as a unilaterally decided contract that was only beneficial to DSP Entertainment‘s personal gains are the foremost reasons of the aforesaid members for pushing the proceedings to take place this time. Despite the enormous support that they are getting from the Japanese music and commercial industry after news of their dispute between DSP came out to the open, it appears like the feud between the three members and their company will not be taking the backseat anytime soon.
Nevertheless, KARA have resumed filming for their Japanese TV drama ‘Urakara’ as scheduled, and are still doing activities as 5 members in Japan.

Source: Chosun Ilbo
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