Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss A Poses for LesMore

The girls of Miss A have been doing their individuals activities lately, but they have gathered again recently for the a photoshoot for LesMore.
Having landed in an endorsement deal with LesMore, a shoe store who offers various brands like Nike, Crocs, Converse and many others last year, the girls have been actively promoting the store through advertisements and fan signings amongst many other activities. For this particular shoot, Min, Fei, Jia and Suzy can be seen wearing different kinds of footwear, depicting their different personalities and styles, in order to draw attention from consumers who are into various types of footwear according to their respective tastes and lifestyles.
A representative of LesMore had this to say:
“The girlish loafers Fei wore are comfortable and produce a sensuous impression, and with the release of loafers in various colors and accessory points, customers can create an even more attractive style. Suzy and Jia wore sneakers with strong colors to go with their colorful and tight attire and show an active and sensual style,”
Check out more photos from the shoot below!

Source: Review Star
Translation: Sung Kyu
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