Thursday, February 24, 2011

miss A’s Min Talks About Her Secret Life in America

miss A‘s Min, Fei, and Jia recently guest starred on Talk Show Taxi, where Min revealed some surprising secrets about her life in the United States.

To the surprise of the other guests on the show, Min honestly said, “Back when I received training in the U.S., I dated an American boy without my company knowing.“  She went on to explain the two met while taking hip-hop classes together, and what started as a friendship turned into a secret romance.
Min also divulged on other topics of her training, such as the reasoning behind her American training, “At the time, President Park Jinyoung firmly told me, ‘You don’t have the kind of face to debut in Korea.’ He said that since Americans prefer Asian faces, it would be a lot of help to me. I also got a lot of sympathy there.
She also humorously added, “I was supposed to diet while I trained, but I like eating so much that it was hard. I always hid a hamburger in my bag and ate it.
This episode will air on the 24th so make sure to watch it and get the inside story about Min’s life.

Source: Newsen

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